Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update on the family

We're staying busy around here lately! We always have something to do with work, the house and the boys. Our favorite being with boys, of course!

Palmer is continuing to amaze us and is growing way too quickly. I mean look at those legs. We're scheduled for Spina Bifida clinic next Tuesday in Minneapolis and a hernia surgery on Wednesday...booooo for the surgery part. We pray all will go well with his crazy number of appointments on Tuesday, P will be in and out of the hospital and we'll get home to Mr. Oliver quickly.

Oliver is still obsessed with P. It's great, but sometimes it's a little too much! :)

and too busy for pictures.

Daddy is finally home for good! He is busy getting Qdoba ready to open. We're so excited and proud of him. July 11th is opening day...mark your calendars!


Too cool for pictures.

I finally get a smile and I screw it up!

We can't get enough of him.

He looks so much like Oliver.

My boys!

Mama and her most favorite 3 year old and almost 5 month old ever. Can we please freeze time???

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NDMom said...

Just beautiful! I am so happy for you!!! When can we meet Palmer??? And, congrats on Qdoba, too....can't wait!